Content Marketing: Use Video on Your Website

When you enter the web world to enhance or boost your business and the profits, you hear the famous saying “content is king.” It describes the essentiality of content marketing in all. Articles have been a great way to attract the readers and if they are reader friendly and casual, people enjoy reading them more. However, where written content is important, communicating visually is also really essential. It is the new content king! Visual communication is a powerful tool to attract buyers or visitors to your web page and make them coming back again and again.

So why are videos the new content king? Why should one have them on their web page? Why are they gaining so much attention? Here is all you need to know about it. If you have any doubts that it is NOT the king in the world of content marketing anymore…then you will have to speculate again about it all. Here are the top reasons why you need to use video on your website!

Why do You need to use Video on Website?

1. It All Comes to Standing Out

The video is an important part of content marketing and it is getting more vital by each passing day. Latest research shows that 90% of the people adore videos about services and products as it makes them make the buying decision much easily. 65% of the people prefer watching a video on the homepage so that they can decide whether to surf through the website or not. But not a lot of people have started using this method yet…so you obviously stand out if you utilize it.

2. Reflects the Personality of your Brand

This era is the digital era as the majority of people prefers shopping, working and promoting their business online. This is convenient and it eventually means that you are putting your business, upfront for the audience. The best manner to humanize your brand is to put on videos. This allows you to connect with your consumers on another level. Videos help people in decision making.

3. Mobile Users

Mobile users get tired of going through the lengthy articles about your company or brand. And on smartphones, it can get really boring as well. A video saves time and keeps the buyer involved also. During the day, your attention span is really short as you have so much gone around you. Therefore, videos make you get the information within a short period of time and mobile users adore it.

4. Demonstrate your Product

A demo video is the best bet, for explaining everything that you need to about your product. It is ideal in comparison to the long, written description. Just a 2-5 minute video can do your task easily and faster also. It also adds versatility to your product.

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