Creative Web Design: How Design Impacts your Website

From small to big businesses, everyone knows the importance of a website these days. A website showcases all about your business and also drives new customers to your company or services. As we all know that sales can be boosted with a website, we all dive into the pool of creating a great web page for our company, right? But alas! Not all of them work and a lot of them fail to attract the buyers. People visit the website, scroll it up and down and soon walk out of it; leaving you with nothing but disappointment. So, what is the reason behind it? What you might be lacking here, is a well-designed website!

Why does Design Matter?

“First impression is the last impression.”

According to Google (the master of everything on the internet), the consumers take 50 milliseconds, to judge your website or gain an opinion about it. This eventually means that you and your company have just 50 milliseconds to make an impression on the buyers. And obviously, customers cannot check out what you are selling within 50 ms, right? Therefore, the design of a website influences the reliability of your business.

According to the latest research, the poor interface has been the major reason why a lot of online businesses have bounced badly. So what is the takeaway here? You need to get your website designed (or design it yourself) in such an incredible way that the visitors return to it and they are able to appreciate it within 50 ms!

What is the ABC of Web Designing?

If you think that web designing is nothing but a piece of cake than you need to speculate about it again. It is much more and involves critical studies and researches. If you want your website to drive in customers and boost your sales, then you need to have knowledge about what will help you do so and attract customers as well.

So what is the ABC of web designing? You need to focus on appearance, interaction, connection and reliability. And you might be thinking that can a web design offer all of this? Yes, it can and it must in order to make your online business run like a leopard.

First, people don’t waste their time on websites which LOOK cheap. You can obviously offer cheaper rates because that is what people love. But your appearance should be good to see and cleared up. A chaos of everything on the homepage will make you lose the game.

Interaction is really important and no one is interested in reading paragraphs about your history or greatness. Try new formats which are engaging. Put on videos and parallax formatting is really in as well.

Talking about connection means images about your real life and connecting with people emotionally. Connect with people on different and all levels. If you photograph as a hobby; share that with your customers.

Give your consumers or visitors something that drives them and makes them say, YES this looks different than all the other boring sites. Connect with them through new ways and just dump the idea of; “a plain website can do the job.”

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