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Why a Mobile App is No Substitute for a Mobile Website | Creative Website & Mobile Application Development Agency

Why a Mobile App is No Substitute for a Mobile Website

Adoption of mobile apps as part of an overall marketing effort is growing among small businesses. These can be useful tools for companies that want to take advantage of the latest technology and are willing to invest in them.

However, caution is urged to anyone who thinks that by creating a mobile app they can avoid creating a mobile website as well. One cannot take the place of the other as they each serve different needs.

Following are some of the reasons why a mobile website is still very much needed when you have a mobile app:

  • A Website is PermanentYou are the only one who can delete your website but anyone who has downloaded your mobile app can also delete it. Without a corresponding mobile website, your presence to that customer would then be completely non-existent.
  • A Website is More AffordableIt is far less expensive to create and maintain a mobile site than a mobile app. The development of an app must include different versions to support various smartphone platforms. Additionally, any updates require more detailed reprogramming and updates to each version.
  • A Website Gives You More ControlWhen you update your website, every visitor sees your new content. When you update your mobile app, however, only the people that have actually downloaded the new version of your app see the new content. You can let users of your app know that a new version is available but you cannot force them to download it.
  • A Website Can Be Found and SharedThe searchability and shareability of a mobile website is something your business should not choose to lose out on. Your mobile app will generally only be found in app stores and is not able to be shared via social media.

Certainly, there are big benefits to using a mobile app but this should be done as part of a larger mobile marketing strategy that includes a robust mobile website. Make sure that your business takes a holistic view of marketing and understands the role that each vehicle can play—and how each one works together with others.

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